Saturday, April 29, 2017

My Timeline  
I am writing about the important events of my life.

Visit to Tirupati
It was in November 2012.On Tuesday we planned the trip and by Thursday we were there.We waited for Tickets from 5 A.M. in the line. Got a general ticket.Went to the line by 9 and darshan was over by 11.30.Had a total black out experience in front of lord.The weather was pleasant and there were water falls on the way.Stayed at Kurnool on the way back to Hyderabad.

Visit to Horsley Hills.
We had purchased new Ford Classic.Aditya wanted to go for a long drive.We used google maps to reach there.Drive on NH44 was very smooth.We played Antakshari on the way.As we neared hills it was 6p.m. and we became anxious about the route.Finally when we reached the resort we had a sigh of relief.It was after Anshu's 10th class exams.
The weather, governor's bungalow, resort ,everything was superb.

Visit to Mahabaleshwar
May 2014 we went to Mahabaleshwar by car.We saw many towns and villages of Maharashtra.The villages were very neat and houses were big, almost every house had a car and cow shed.I never knew that it is famous for strawberry's and Mapro farm and Chikkis. Stayed at Dwarkadheesh resort which was 4 km away from the main road.Road was deserted but resort was good.We went to Pratapgarh fort. We went to various points, had a ride in horse cart.The horse was very particular that it should not be stopped in the midway.I and Aditya had a horse ride too.

Visit to Delhi 2014 June
It was a very sad trip.Ma was not at all well.She had to look after the construction of Chandni Chowk house.I was disturbed.We went to meet Mrs. Bhalla for Sonu's alliance.

Visit to Delhi 2014 October
Ma passed away.

Visit toDelhi 2015 January Sonu's wedding
We started from Hyderabad on 19th. Were back by 21st.Attended reception on 24th at Novotel hotel.

Visit to Hampi June 2015
We stayed at Vijayshree resort.It neither serves non veg nor alcohol. Room was good.Aditya had stomach upset probably because it was too hot and we had hired a guide taxi and so we had no rest.Relics were great.Then we went to visit VIrupaksh temple.Aditya and Anshu decided to stay outside. Suddenly a jeep/car came and somehow both of them were covered with muddy water.
Next day all of us visited the temple again.We had a glimpse of the temple elephant Laxmi.

August 2015 sold Narsingi land to Shailesh Agarwal.

Visit to Delhi April 2016 Atul's daughter's wedding.

August 2016 on Rakhi Police dept started demolition of the Baroodkota godown.It went for a month when finally it stopped .But I developed a serious vertigo and earache due to noise, dust and tension as the whole building was vibrating.Finally I visited Dr Dhonde at Basheerbagh who suggested tab rem cc and steam inhalation. My condition improved.We also planned to open the main east side gate of house, had renovation of LKG room.

Had income tax notices regarding capital gains tax.

Visit to Araku valley November 2016
Was totally disturbed by all the events and was very doubtful regarding the trip. But we had to travel to get peace of mind.
We started on nov. 11th. Reached Vizag, stayed at Dolphin hotel,booked at book my hotel,booked two rooms, one of which was damp and smelled of mould.Buffet was good, enjoyed Sambar and Pineapple Phirni.I had my first glimpse of sea.It was splendid. Saw the submarine and felt great.Visited the beach at night.I had to literally force Aditya to go bare feet to feel sea water.I wanted to visit handicraft exhibition but Adi was totally against it.As if to satisfy both there came a vendor from whom we bought Ganesha door toran. We also visited Kailashgiri park.To reach there we had to travel through ropeway.I was excited and terrified at the same time.Had the train journey in the park which gave us the glimpse of the entire city.Too good.
Came back to hotel.Shashikant bhaiya called up.He had reached Delhi as Shivi who had come for project,was running high fever.He was not at all well.We became very tense after talking to bhaiya.
Next day we boarded a train to Araku.Journey was good.At the station in Araku we had difficulty in finding Taxi.We had booked a resort at Anantgiri which was 20 km away from Araku.Had a pleasant stay at AP govt. resort.There was tribal dance in the evening and bon fire. I felt it was more suited to bachelors somehow not very suited to families.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My daughter's painting - 22nd August 2010.

My daughter Aditi loves to paint/draw/sketch. Here is one of her creations - a combination of crayons and sketch pen. Here we have a bright and sunny day! Two children playing in the lawn in front of a beautifully painted house.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

My experiences in teaching! (1)

This is my first write up on this subject.every day I come across one or the other experience some good some bad .
I start with some of my students who faced very difficult situations during board exams.
Arun was my favourite student and probably would have been the topper that year but had to miss 3 exams as his grand father died just before his exams.Though he cleared the exam but his life took a turn after that.
Harshvardhan a brilliant student was hospitalised during exams but decided to attend exams even though he had to reach the center in ambulance !

Friday, August 14, 2009

Written by Aditi!

My little 5 year old daughter Aditi - wrote this on 8.8.2009, the 9 actually looks like a 4 in the pic !

Monday, June 22, 2009

poran poli

It is a maharashtrian dish but my mother in law used to make it differently by replacing sugar with jaggery.
450 gm tuar dal
75 gm chana dal
500 gm jaggery
1tablespoon sugar
ghee 1table spoon
khova 150gm
500gm maida
to make the dough -take maida add 2 spoons oil add water to make aloose dough.
to make poran-boil dal with 5-6 times water.put dal when it is hot in poran dish(grind coarse in mixer if poran dish is not there.)add jaggery.put the mixture in pan at sim.
keep stirring add ghee and khova .keep stirring for half anhour ortill it is semisolid.
add cardamom powder and let the poran cool.
take a little dough and fill poran and make small poris and shallow fry like parantha on tawa.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


This beautiful drawing is done by my daughter Aditi on 1st March, 2009 -

Sunday, August 24, 2008


my hubby created this blog so that I can write and store my recipies and other important things.